September 19, 2019




Detailed program


November 14th


09:30h Workshop Gonçalo Themudo (CIIMAR)
    Wikipedia for public scientific literacy and science teaching



13:00h Registration
14:20h Welcome session  Catarina Pinho, Rui Faria & Vítor Sousa


Chair: Antigoni Kaliontzopoulou
14:30h Plenary lecture Chris Jiggins  
    Hybridisation and introgression shape adaptation and species divergence in the Lepidoptera
15:30h Talk 1 Marques C  
    A non-coding region near Follistatin controls head colour polymorphism in the Gouldian finch
15:50h Talk 2 Frazão J  
    Understanding the effects of background selection on genome scans in isolation with migration models



Coffee break 





Chair: Susana Varela
16:40h Talk 3 Kaliontzopoulou A  
    Are Podarcis wall lizards an adaptive radiation? Joining phylogenetic and phenotypic evidence
17:00h Talk 4 Matos E  
    Phylogeography of mtDNA haplogroup U records the history of modern humans in Europe
17:20h Talk 5 Ferreira MS  
    The legacy of ancient hybridization during rapid divergence
17:40h Talk 6 Andrade P  
    Parallel evolution of carotenoid ornamentation in the common wall lizard
18:00h Talk 7 Moreira MO  
    Climatic-niche evolution helps drive speciation in squamate reptiles (lizards and snakes)




XV ENBE Program

November 15th


Commemoration of World Antibiotic Awareness Week and European Antibiotic Awareness Day

Chair: Fernando Tavares
09:30h Plenary lecture Isabel Henriques  
    Role of the environment in the evolution of antibiotic resistance
10:30h Talk 8 Frazão N  
    Horizontal gene transfer overrides mutation in Escherichia coli colonizing the mammalian gut
10:50h Talk 9 Ramiro R  
    Low mutational load allows for high mutation rate variation in gut commensal bacteria
11:10h Coffee break   
Chair: Rita Ponce
11:40h Talk 10 Paulo TF  
    Pinpointing mechanisms responsible for adaptation against oral bacterial infection in D. melanogaster
12:00h Talk 11 Friis JI  
    Contingency and determinism in the evolution of bird song
12:20h Talk 12 Órfão J  
    Sculptured craniums and how to describe them in fossil vertebrates
12:40h Talk 13 Branco C  
    Influence of environmental and evolutionary processes on the genetic gradients of current Asians
13:10h Lunch


Chair: Bento Cavadas
14:30h Talk 14 Cavadas B  
    Conceptions about Portuguese initial teacher education students about evolution and the origin of life
14:50h Talk 15 Borges R  
    New features for polymorphism-aware phylogenetic models
15:10h Talk 16 Fragata I  
    One (small) step at a time: measuring adaptive potential of yeast populations under different stresses
15:30h Talk 17 Escalona T  
    Adaptive patterns of mitogenome evolution are associated with the loss of shell scutes in turtles
15:50h Talk 18 Pereira RJ  
    The demographic history of non-adaptive radiations: insights from Chorthippus grasshoppers
16:10h Student prize announcements (Pedro Simões, President of APBE)
16:15h Poster Session & Coffee Break
17:30h APBE General Assembly


XV ENBE Program

November 16th


Teachers’ Workshops


10:00h Rita Ponce (ESS-IPS, cE3c-FCUL) & Teresa Nogueira (INIAV, cE3c-FCUL)
  O vírus da gripe: desafios do sistema imunitário e da Medicina à luz da Evolução


14:30h Teresa Nogueira (INIAV, cE3c-FCUL) & Xana Sá-Pinto (CIDTFF.UA)
  Simulando o efeito dos antibióticos na dinâmica das comunidades microbianas